October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s the perfect time to make an impact with your event. Whether you’re planning breast cancer awareness events for a social group or are pivoting to online events, this article will inspire you with 25 fun and different breast cancer awareness ideas.

8 Breast Cancer Awareness Month promotional event ideas

The following Breast Cancer Awareness Month promotional ideas can be used to raise funds for your cause year-round but work particularly well in October 2022.

1. Pink parties

This year, the 21st of October is official “Wear it Pink Day”, but you can choose any day to raise funds for breast cancer care by throwing a pink party at a social club. Encourage participants to wear pink, bring in only pink food, and decorate your venue with pink decorations. You can even curate a pink-themed soundtrack — think Beyoncé’s “Check Up On It” from the Pink Panther soundtrack, “Pretty in Pink” by Psychadelic Furs, and, of course, hits by P!nk.

2. Haircut parties

Show solidarity with cancer patients and host an event where professional hairdressers volunteer their time and skills to raise money. You could ask your participants to get sponsored to have their hair snipped, colored (we suggest pink, obviously), or shaved off completely. Alternatively, let them pay for the services of your hairdressers and raise funds that way. Either option is an excellent way to drive donations and raise awareness. You could also consider a fundraiser like Wigs & Wishes by Martino Cartier’s

“Night of Wigs & Wishes,” hosted by famed singer and brand ambassador Paula Abdul. The organization consists of salon owners, stylists, and beauty industry leaders who provide wigs to women and children fighting cancer.

3. Doctor/nurse-appreciation breakfast

The fight against breast cancer is helped by the amazing doctors and nurses who provide treatment and support to patients. Set them up for a busy day of life-saving by hosting a special breakfast at a hospital café or nearby location. Healthcare professionals can eat free while supporters pay a small amount to have breakfast and show their appreciation for the work of cancer doctors and nurses.

4. Golf day

Raise some green on the greens with a golf tournament. Entice sponsorships by emphasizing the pleasure of spending a day in the sun for a good cause — and hand out visors or T-shirts in the signature pink hue. For extra fun, get your local club to donate a month or year’s membership and hold a raffle to announce at the end of the day.

5. Craft morning or class

Know any expert crafters or proficient enthusiasts? Reach out and ask them to teach a craft class that you can advertise to the community. Everyone loves acquiring new skills, from knitting to painting to pottery. Take your fundraising further by hosting a sale or auction during which friends and family can buy participants’ creations.

Tip: Try asking local businesses to provide materials in exchange for a shout-out on flyers and posters, or buy them from a wholesaler to cut costs.

6. Learn from survivors

Consider hosting a coffee morning where friends, relatives, and current patients can learn from breast cancer survivors by chatting with them in an informal setting. Sell tea, coffee, and yummy baked goods at the event for attendees to enjoy and to bring in some cash. Some survivors may want to raise awareness and money for other patients coping with treatment.

7. Baking workshop

Host a baking workshop or encourage bakers to create pastry creations to sell on a stall at a local event, such as a food festival or fete. Encourage participants to get competitive and pay a small fee to enter their bakes into tasting and presentation contests. Don’t forget to give prizes! Then share on social media to create extra exposure for your cause.

8. Bra Swap

Save the planet — and keep bras out of the trash — by hosting a Bra Swap, during which women can exchange perfectly good bras (even if they’re lightly worn). Not only does this fundraiser bring the importance of well-fitting bras and women’s health to the fore, but it can also raise some funds when you charge a small admission price.

10 breast cancer fundraiser ideas

Looking for year-round fundraising options? These 10 event ideas are perfect for most audiences.

1. Charity runs and walks

Possibly the most popular way to fundraise for breast cancer, charity runs and walks can reach a broad audience through sponsoring and their ability to draw a big crowd. Larger events can be complex to organize, but there’s little planning involved for a small local run or walk, with the latter not even requiring a running track. It’s an excellent activity for families or groups of friends.

2. Silent auctions

Give your guests a chance to dress up while bidding on the down low! These events usually feature a dinner or cocktail party, with tables at one end of the room where guests can bid on various items by writing down the offer on bidding sheets. Charge an entrance fee and ask local businesses to donate prizes to maximize profits.

3. Fashion and catwalk shows

Give women who have experienced breast cancer an opportunity to strut down a catwalk wearing something fabulous. It’s a proven way to raise funds, and this fun event idea can be an important occasion for building women’s self-esteem in your community. As well as proceeds from entry fees, sell the clothing after the show for extra profits.

4. Rummage sale

Second-hand treasure is now more popular than ever, thanks to the upcycling trend. Get people to donate unwanted things by marketing your event as a chance to declutter homes. Place donation buckets around the venue and sell any leftovers on digital marketplaces so that nothing goes to waste.

5. Quiz night

Everyone loves a quiz night. Charge an entrance fee per team or person, and make money from refreshments by holding your event in a community hall instead of a bar and selling drinks and snacks yourself (subject to licensing laws). Sneak in a pink-themed round to further raise awareness of your cause.

6. Karaoke night

Try partnering with a bar or pub to host a karaoke night to raise funds and awareness of breast cancer. It’s always worth seeing if you can negotiate with the manager to get as much of the proceeds as possible towards your fundraiser. Have the venue place flyers on tables to attract attendees from its existing customer base and charge songsters a dollar a tune.

7. Fitness event

Whether there’s a particular interest in Zumba, aerobics, or even hula-hooping in your community, many instructors are willing to give up an hour to teach a class to raise money for breast cancer. Don’t forget to organize an appropriate venue and provide the right equipment.

8. Band nights and open mic night

You can adapt the same organizational model from the karaoke night idea and apply it to hosting a battle of the bands or open mic night. The advantage is that some local acts may already have a dedicated fanbase, so the tickets may well sell themselves.

9. Paint and sip night

Invite a local artist to host a paint and sip night — an art class with added wine! You could make it a life drawing event if you find a brave volunteer to strip off for charity. Ensure sure you have the model’s consent beforehand if you plan on doing this. Go the extra mile for awareness and exhibit the attendees’ works of art in a local exhibition space.

10. Burlesque show

Burlesque is an empowering art form and, as with the fashion show idea, an excellent platform for women to boost their body confidence. All things pink and fluffy are strongly encouraged. You can also decorate your venue to reflect the risqué outfits, and use low lighting and tasseled blankets to create a vintage atmosphere. Friends and family will be eager to cheer on brave volunteers.

7 virtual breast cancer awareness event ideas

Spread your event and message worldwide with these seven virtual event ideas for breast cancer awareness. Online events are still hugely popular and offer event creators the chance to reach a wider audience, including those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend an in-person event.

1. Charity videogame stream

Gamers can earn unbelievable money by playing online video games. If you’re familiar with this community, tap into your valuable resource and host a charity videogame stream. Use an online fundraising platform like GoFundMe and encourage participants to be sponsored by friends and family and post about it on their social media. Stream your gaming session live on video streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube.

2. Virtual quiz

Take the quiz night idea online and reach an even wider audience. Event creator Brainstormer Trivia® uses Eventbrite and Zoom to host competitive real-world and virtual points-based games. Be sure to send out any supplementary materials participants may need well in advance.

3. Cancer awareness webinars

Online webinars allow attendees to learn about the disease, treatment options, and how it affects patients and caregivers from the comfort of their own homes. It also provides a safe space for attendees to ask any questions anonymously. Try asking a local hospital or clinic to assist in providing free health screenings, like Hudson Regional Hospital’s Breast Cancer Awareness Event.

4. Online silent auction

Platforms like OneCause provide online silent auction and fundraising services that they tailor will to fit your needs. Do-it-yourself minimalist packages can include fundraising software, payment processing, and more. Full-service gets you year-round fundraising programs and event logistics planning.

5. Virtual craft workshops

This idea takes the craft workshop online. Prepare for the event by sending out materials to ticket holders in advance. Eventbrite has a curated collection of crafting workshop providers, which is a source of inspiration for events for cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones. Options include the Happy Knitting Group, ideal for anyone who loves to get their knitting needles going, and Society X, which specializes in therapeutic art workshops.

6. Virtual card games

Online poker is incredibly popular, so take advantage of this and host a charity tournament. Set a small buy-in fee and offer a modest prize for the winner, with the proceeds going towards your cause (check your local regulations on gambling). This idea can work with various card games and platforms if poker’s not your thing.

7. Virtual survivor retreat

Gain inner peace and reinvigorate the spirit with virtual yoga and sound therapy sessions, meditations, and self-care clinics for survivors. Schedule break-out sessions where attendees can share their stories and connect with others. You might send care packages to attendees, filled with bath and beauty products.

How do I host a breast cancer awareness event?

If you need further guidance, consult Eventbrite’s guide for planning and hosting a breast cancer awareness event and reach out to organizations such as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation for promotional materials.

Plan your breast cancer fundraiser today

When considering various fundraiser ideas for breast cancer awareness, ensure you have the correct licenses and permissions for your event to go ahead — and don’t forget to have fun! Sign up with Eventbrite now to list your event for free.

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