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The Power of Partnership: Maker Faire and Eventbrite

Maker Faire

Maker Faire–part science fair, part crafts fair–is an all-ages event where “makers” gather to share their inventions, innovations, and learnings. The first  Maker Faire in the Bay Area attracted 22,000 curious minds. Today, Maker Faire has expanded their event to New York as well and attracts more than 150,000 people annually.

While Maker Faire represents the cutting edge of technology and invention, until 2010 organizers were still tearing tickets at the door. Maker Faire wanted to bring a larger proportion of their registration process online and get their guests through the gates faster.

In this short case study you’ll learn how Eventbrite has partnered with Maker Faire to:

  • Improve the attendee and exhibitor experience
  • Manage a 300% increase in ticket sales
  • Gain insight on audience demographics
  • Eliminate long check-out lines
  • Reduce staff and volunteer workloads
  • Provide detailed reports on registration trends

See how Eventbrite technology, tools and data can help you increase ticket sales.

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Megan Buell

Megan joined Eventbrite in 2011. As a senior lifecycle marketing manager, she's passionate about delivering industry and product knowledge to Eventbrite's organizers at the right time and in the right place. In her spare time she likes cooking and making wine with her family, long naps on the beach, and watching college football.

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