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How Does Nightlife Spending Differ by Gender, Income & Genre?

How much do music fans spend on a night life? And how can you attract the biggest spenders to your show?

To find out, Eventbrite surveyed more than 4,000 nightlife attendees. In part one of the study, we revealed that tickets to nightlife made up the biggest share of spend, followed by drinks, transportation, and late night snacks. But it turns out that who spends the most, and on what, varies greatly by genre and gender.

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Eventbrite recently set out to uncover how much an average nightlife enthusiast spends when they’re out and about— and where, specifically, all that cash is going. In this installment, we’re unveiling the top music fan nightlife spending trends according to gender, income, and genre.

Nightlife Trends by Gender: Men

They down more drinks. While women are more likely to have between 1-3 drinks during a night out, their male counterparts aren’t afraid to rack up big bar tabs. 15% of men said they’re likely to have 6 or more drinks in an average night on the town.

They’re looking for love. With 30% of men saying that they go out to “meet someone special,” it’s clear that they’re more focused on finding a match than women (22%). Whether they’re looking for a life partner or a partner for the night is another story.

They get extreme with their music genres. Guys like to take their live music to the limit. When it comes to shows with EDM beats, heavy-metal screams, and hard-rock bass, you’ll find more men jumping around in the crowd than women.

Nightlife Trends by Gender: Women

They conserve their energy (and cash) for one big night out. With 36% of women going out just one night a week (compared to 27% of men), we could argue that they’re the more responsible of the sexes. Either that, or they just want some beauty rest.

They snack on spuds. Let’s all admit that chicks dig fries—or over 40% do. How many times have you heard a female friend say “Ok, just one more”? Plus, it’s a more refined way to eat on-the-go than the male-preferred burrito.

They hit up more pop and R&B shows. The ladies love a good dance beat (and the occasional sing-a-long). Almost half of women say they hit the floor at more pop and R&B shows than any other genre.

Nightlife Trends by Income

Mo’ money, mo’ spending. If they’ve got it, they’ll spend it. It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that overall spending on a night out tends to increase with income level, particularly on drinks—nightlifers making top dollars want top-shelf booze.

Night riders. Nightlife enthusiasts making bigger bucks will pay for drivers when they go out, while those with a lower income choose more economical travel options like taking the bus. But the majority of people, no matter their income, prefer to drive themselves, thankyouverymuch.

Less money = more moves. Nearly 60% of those making a lower income said they go out to show their stuff on the dance floor, compared to 35-50% of their higher-earning counterparts. Which goes to show that it’s worth targeting more than just the high-rollers.

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