How to Recruit and Manage Volunteers Effectively

How to Recruit and Manage Volunteers Effectively

Event VolunteersYou may not be paying your volunteers, but you can certainly count them among your most valuable resources. After all, they’ve committed their own time and energy to help make your show successful. And with the right motivation, they’re likely to be passionate promoters of your cause before, during, and even well after the event is over.

But enthusiasm doesn’t always translate to effectiveness. To make sure your volunteers are ready to help you create an awesome experience for your attendees, you’ll need to put time and resources into recruiting, onboarding and training.

And just like every other aspect of the business of running a music event, the more efficiently you can accomplish this, the better the results will be.

With hands-on experience working with thousands of event directors and promoters across a wide range of event types, Eventbrite offers the following best practices and ideas to help you put an effective volunteer management strategy in place.

Download the report and learn how to:

  • Recruit volunteers early and win their commitment
  • Ensure seamless communication with your volunteers before, during and after the show
  • Set expectations to avoid hiccups and walk-offs
  • Match the right person to the right job
  • Conduct an effective orientation and get volunteers ready to roll the day-of
  • Stay connected after the event and build their loyalty


Megan Buell

Megan joined Eventbrite in 2011. As a senior lifecycle marketing manager, she's passionate about delivering industry and product knowledge to Eventbrite's organizers at the right time and in the right place. In her spare time she likes cooking and making wine with her family, long naps on the beach, and watching college football.