The Growing Popularity of Beer Events

The Growing Popularity of Beer Events

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The popularity of craft beer, more discerning palates, and technology create even more space for new festivals, beer bashes, tastings, and more, which is why the popularity of beer events is growing day after day.

Savvy event organizers are serving thirsty audiences with a variety of beer events that offer something for everyone—from the biggest festivals to the most intimate of tastings—and they’re seeing wild success all across the country.

There are currently more than 900 beer festivals in the US annually. In the last two years alone, Eventbrite experienced a 271% boost in the number of beer events using its ticketing service, jumping from just over 1500 events to more than 6000. These events ranged from festivals as big as the American Craft Brew Fest to smaller events such as St. Paddy’s Day beer bashes, home brewing classes, pub crawls, brewery tours, tastings, and more.

This report takes a closer look at the many factors driving event growth, along with ways that festival directors, guilds, breweries, and other event organizers can capitalize on new trends to produce events that will keep beer drinkers coming back round after round. Read the full report to learn more!

Megan Buell

Megan joined Eventbrite in 2011. As a senior lifecycle marketing manager, she's passionate about delivering industry and product knowledge to Eventbrite's organizers at the right time and in the right place. In her spare time she likes cooking and making wine with her family, long naps on the beach, and watching college football.