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How to Make Your Food & Drink Festival a Millennial Magnet

There is a rapidly growing appetite for food, wine, and beer events in America—and millennials are feeding the trend. From 2013-2014 alone, we saw a 47% rise in food and drink events on the Eventbrite platform. So it’s no surprise that millennials are satiating their craving for new and exciting event trends by spending more time and money on festivals than ever before.

To understand this rising demand, Eventbrite surveyed more than 5,000 millennial festival-goers. We uncovered valuable insights about how they discover events, and how these events influence their brand loyalty. Not to mention, we learned what keeps some coming back to specific festivals for seconds — and thirds.

Download the full report on the right to learn:

  • How to turn millennials into brand evangelists on social media — the #1 platform for festival discovery
  • How many attendees are more likely to buy food, wine or beer they loved after the festival
  • The top reasons millennials choose festivals to attend, and how much they’re willing to spend per ticket


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