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6 Unique Ways to Win Concert and Music Festival Sponsors

Get the most up-to-date advice on music sponsorships in The New Era of Concert & Music Festival Sponsorships.

Live shows, concerts and festivals are the perfect venue for companies to engage face-to-face with their audience and represent their brand on the ground. But with increasing competition in the industry, over a third of music festival organizers say they’re stressed about attracting and keeping sponsors. How can you stand out from the crowd of competitors vying for sponsors?

Concert and music festival sponsors aren’t satisfied with just a logo on a stage anymore. Companies want to create authentic activations that help them enter the hearts and minds of thousands of fans.

Coming up with innovative sponsorship opportunities can feel difficult with so much else on your plate. That’s why we put together this quick six-step guide, with the help of Hangout Music Festival.

Download the free guide on the right to learn more creative ways to showcase your value, including how to:

  • Mine social media to prove your fans are valuable to sponsors
  • Highlight your unique offer with an equally creative pitch
  • Use surprising metrics to quantify value & get them back next year


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