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    Teammates from Start to Finish

Case Study: Crescent City Classic & Eventbrite:
Teammates from Start to Finish


The Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic has become a New Orleans tradition. The annual 10k race, produced by the Crescent City Fitness Foundation, attracts over 20,000 runners, walkers, and partiers each year to raise over $1 million dollars for local charities. As their races continued to grow in popularity, the team wanted a registration partner and account management team they could trust for the long run. In 2012, they chose Eventbrite to handle registration for their signature event, as well as their smaller races held throughout the year.


  • Provide consistent branding and seamless website and mobile integration to enhance the attendee experience
  • Easily manage registrations and access data for races ranging from 2,000 to 25,000 participants
  • Reach a new audience of runners to increase registrations
  • Provide high-quality customer support while reducing time spent on handling inquiries

Results & Testimonials

– Interview with Laine Thomas, Event Manager, Crescent City Fitness Foundation. To learn more about how Eventbrite has partnered with the Crescent City Classic team, check out our new three minute video.

  • Major Growth: “Eventbrite’s innovative social media integration is beyond anything we have seen. Our runners are excited to register and share.” Eventbrite’s built-in social media tools and personalized event newsletters have helped the Crescent City Classic team reach a new audience of runners. This year, they’re on pace to hit 25,000 registrations, with over 25% of all site visits coming from Eventbrite’s promotional tools.
  • Consistent Branding: Eventbrite enabled a single look and feel across all of the Crescent City Fitness Foundation races. “Not only does Eventbrite make our pages reflect our brand, they also make it really easy for attendees to sign up with their two-step registration process, both online and through mobile.” The registration process is integrated directly into their website to streamline the sign-up flow for athletes. The Crescent City Classic team also leveraged Eventbrite’s open API to integrate registration directly into their mobile app.
  • Flexible Registration: “No matter what kind of participant we have, Eventbrite has a simple registration option for them.” Eventbrite has helped the Crescent City Classic team manage all of their race registration needs—from different registration types and participant transfers, to volunteer sign-up pages, to password-protected elite athlete registration, to their charity runner program.
  • 24/7 Support: “Our racers are always shocked at how fast they get answers from Eventbrite. Their customer support team saves me hours every week—time I can spend creating a better race.” Eventbrite is on call around the clock for both the Crescent City team and their athletes, greatly decreasing time spent answering customer inquiries.
  • Post-Race Tools: Using the Survey Monkey integration on Eventbrite, the Crescent City Classic team sent out a post-race survey to learn how to improve the race and registration experience next year. “We ended up implementing a lot of the 2013 Survey Monkey post-race survey suggestions in the upcoming 2014 race. We were really pleased to see that our racers were delighted by the registration process.”


Sarah Hoffman

Sarah heads up food and beverage marketing at Eventbrite. She helps chefs, restaurants, breweries, wineries, and just about anyone passionate about food and drink bring people together through experiences. She enjoys sour beers, egg white cocktails, and is a sucker for anything with pork belly or a poached egg. Follow her San Francisco shenanigans and food adventures on Twitter.