Eventbrite Supports BronyCon’s Fan Convention Growth

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BronyCon began in New York City in 2011 as a one-day event with 100 attendees sharing their love of the animated TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Just four years later, BronyCon has become the world’s largest fan convention for the show, gathering over 9,500 fans from all over the world, and featuring guests, panels, screenings, contests, and more over the weekend-long event.

As BronyCon’s popularity shattered attendance expectations—jumping from 100 people in 2011 to 800 people in 2012—the event organizers realized it was time to graduate from their current event management platform to Eventbrite to support their growing needs. We sat down with Josh Dean, BronyCon’s Convention Chairman to discuss why they chose Eventbrite to help organize their events, and how this decision has impacted their event experience and growth around the world.

Relying on a scalable platform

Josh knew Eventbrite was a solid choice based on his friend’s past experience. “My friend runs a popular event where registrations sell out in less than 1 minute,” he said, “and knowing that he uses Eventbrite, I knew I could rely on Eventbrite to handle our event.”

Part of this reliability comes from Eventbrite’s fast and seamless registration experience for fans. BronyCon’s August 2013 event went off without a hitch—maxing out at over 8,000 people from all over the world, including a fan from the South Pole. In 2014, the team attracted an impressive audience of more than 9500 fans, and knows they can count on Eventbrite’s to deliver a great experience for all registrants in the years to come.

Easily customizing the event page

Since the first BronyCon, there have been over 50 Brony events held by others around the world. As the original BronyCon event, Josh feels it’s important that he and his team “can customize the event page to match our branding and maintain our brand equity.” And Eventbrite makes that easy. BronyCon has set up their own event page and can make additional changes whenever they need, without any issues.

Constantly improving the event experience

To expedite the on-site registration experience for attendees this year, BronyCon is leveraging Eventbrite’s integration with Boomset to offer fast attendee check-in and custom badge printing. “I like that Eventbrite takes a personal interest in the success of our event, and is willing to listen and improve their service,” Josh says.

As BronyCon continues to grow in popularity, Josh says, “I’m not not afraid of our event losing steam. It’s a global phenomenon and more and more people are finding out about it.”

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