As an event planner, you’ve seen it all. Backstage melt downs, equipment failure, last-minute cancellations. No matter the storm, you’ve weathered them all. And despite the stress, you’re still crazy about events, even when your calendar is booked solid at least four months out.

Almost nothing can ruffle your feathers. Well, except maybe when your favorite venue isn’t available for your event. Or when a fun-loving attendee, family member, or friend asks you one of the seemingly innocent questions below. While typically well-intended, these questions are guaranteed to make any event planner see red! 

Here are six things people always ask event planners (even when they shouldn’t).

1. How can I get paid to have fun all the time?

While it’s frustrating that people perceive your profession as much more glamorous than it actually is, remember — there’s a reason why event coordinator is listed as one of the top six most stressful jobs, next to military personnel and police officers!

Just remember that next time you have to answer this question from an inebriated attendee.

2. Can you help me plan my child’s birthday party / fundraiser / community event?

If you only had the time, right? Since planning a successful event looks so easy from the outside, it makes sense that people who’ve never created a large event would think it’d be no problem for you to help them out. 

Of course, the effortless appearance is all by design. And no matter how far along you are in your career, it’s never a good idea to do work for free!

3. Can you hire my friend? She’s looking to get into events!

There are so many great resources out there for people interested in learning more about event planning. From free certifications to salary resources like Glassdoor, anyone who is serious about getting started can build a good foundation before diving in. 

But a cold referral from someone who isn’t even in events isn’t going to get their friend very far!

4. Know any one famous?

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but you’re not going to tell! Event planners have to be discreet, especially when their events include celebrities in the lineup. You’d never spill the beans on such a juicy, behind-the-scenes thing to a total stranger. 

You’re keeping all those interesting stories for your tell-all memoir later in life, right?

5. Can you take our photo?

The last person at an event who has time to capture someone’s Instagram moment is the event planner. You’re busy running around, putting out fires, and making sure everyone is having an amazing time. 

Thank goodness you invested some of your budget in getting that social photo booth and can direct the requestor there!

6. What’s your favorite event?

Although not nearly on the same level as the other questions in this list, it’s a hard one to answer in passing. You like many events for different reasons, and if you had enough time, you would totally get into the answer. But you’re busy running an event and you’ll just have to smile and say that’s a tough one!

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