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Email Marketing — Perfect for Non-profits and Fundraisers

Take the simplicity and unique features of Eventbrite to create your event. Add an awesomely creative email campaign. What do you get? An awesomely simple, creative event invite that your attendees will love.

Is this too good to be true? This cant be possible? It is. Eventbrite’s partnership with MailChimp allows for you to import event details to your MailChimp account. This is done seamlessly through an API code (see picture 2)Importing your event to MailChimp will pull in the date, location, description and map of where the event is located.

After the details are pulled in, you can go crazy with MailChimp’s features. Adding custom headers, colors, logos, photos and on and on.

MailChimp makes it easy for anybody to design eye-catching HTML email campaigns, automatically manage subscriber lists, and track results. Just point, click, and send. No coding or programming required.


Connect to Eventbrite in the Account Settings

If you're not quite ready to send out an event to your MailChimp subscribers, but still want to set up the Eventbrite integration, follow the steps below.

1) Click your profile name to open the Account Panel and select Account Settings.
2) Click the Extras drop down menu on the account page and select Integrations.
3) Click the Eventbrite option.
4) Click the Eventbrite account settings link. When you click the Eventbrite account settings link, a new tab will open in your browser directing you to your Eventbrite account. If you're not logged into Eventbrite, you'll be asked to login. Once you've logged in, you should be taken straight to your API Key.
5) Copy your Eventbrite API key then head back to the MailChimp tab in your web browser.
6) Enter your Eventbrite API Key and click the Connect button.

After connecting your MailChimp account to Eventbrite, we show that the accounts are connected and display any events we found from your Evenbrite account.