6 New Trends Impacting Festivals & Consumer Events

Outside FestivalThe world of festivals and consumer events has evolved well beyond pie judging at the county fair, pitching a lawn chair at a concert, and ogling hot rods at a car show. It’s safe to say, the latest trends impacting festivals, consumer events and the industry as whole are endless. Today, people come together to celebrate more unique interests, hobbies and passions from the newest animes coming out of Japan to electronic dance music and craft-brewed pilsners, stouts, and wheat beers through targeted, niche events.

What’s more, attendees and fans are enjoying personalized experiences as never before. Organizers are finding new ways to tailor packages and offer exclusive passes

that cater to their audience’s growing appetite for customization and greater choice. Some organizers are even adding new categories to their events (think wine tasting at an art festival), to excite more people and boost attendance. Technology is also reshaping the industry. Advances in data gathering and analysis and wireless technology vastly improve how events are planned and managed.

Social networks have been a boon to event marketing and promotions, as fans build communities of like-minded friends and share their excitement far and wide. All of these trends drive significant growth in the festivals and consumer events space around the world and it’s not going to be slowing down anytime soon.

This report discusses how event directors and promoters can take advantage of the newest trends impacting the festivals industry to plan smarter, operate with greater speed and flexibility, and develop new revenue sources for their events.

You’ll learn about

  • The types of unique attendee experiences organizers are offering
  • “Hybridization” and how it can attract bigger crowds and drive ticketing sales
  • The impact of new technologies, from mobile apps to radio frequency ID bracelets and social networking