Recorded Webinar: Ramp Up Social – Top Tips for Race Directors

AnnapsLeveraging social media to build a racing business is becoming more and more important and even more and more effective. As social networks continue to gain traction at incredible speeds, race directors should be looking for new ways to incorporate social media into their marketing to create a loyal following behind their endurance events. At Eventbrite, we believe that events are inherently social and for endurance events specifically, we’ve found that:

  • Facebook shares are worth about $4.25 in future race registrations, and generated 8 views back to a race director’s registration page for that race.
  • Twitter has a lower monetary value per tweeted link at $.90, but each Tweet drove nearly 37 event page views, or more than 4 times the number of views than Facebook.

This means that every time excitement for an endurance race is shared on Facebook, it drives on average $4.25 in additional revenue back to the race director. And on average across all social networks, Twitter drives more page visits to a registration page over any other platform and resulting in more awareness.

Down and Dirt

Check out the recorded version of this webinar to:

  • Dive into the metrics behind social sharing and why it matters for endurance events
  • Integrated social media tools to increase reach and drive up race registrations
  • Real examples of races that attract hundreds of participants using social media
  • Best practices you can immediately put into action before, during and after your race