Ticketing and Entry Management Should be Easy and Efficient

Ticketing and entry management

Drink:Eat:Play is an event management and promotion company that stages more than a dozen sold-out events, and is most well known for their LA Beer Festival, Septemberfest, Chicago Beer Festival, and Bay Area Brew Fest. From beer festivals and block parties to ‘80s prom-themed nights and cupcake tasting competitions, Drink:Eat:Play’s popular events attract a growing number of young, energetic people looking for fun, well organized social events at affordable prices.

Over the years, Drink:Eat:Play’s events have gained popularity, and often draw several thousand attendees in a single day. As attendance soared, the logistics of ticketing and entry management for their events became a real challenge.

These issues came starkly into focus during the 2010 LA Beer Festival, one of their biggest events, when an alphabetized manual check-in process left 7,500 ticket holders standing in lines for 45 minutes and longer. Dan Silberstein, the owner of Drink:Eat:Play, estimates he lost about $4,000 that day on refunds.

“But worse than the money is the loss of our reputation,” Dan says. “That was really the turning point that made us realize we needed to find a new ticketing vendor.”

Drink:Eat:Play turned to Eventbrite in 2010 to help handle its ticketing and gate entry management after a near disaster with their famed LA Beer Festival.

Now, Drink:Eat:Play routinely hosts sell-out events in several cities nationwide.  A key component to their success: Eventbrite.

Download our case study to learn how Drink:Eat:Play benefits from:

  • Real-time ticket validation across all gates
  • Greater sales insight to improve marketing and planning
  • Anytime access to sales data and customer orders

Find out how to keep your own event running seamlessly as its numbers grow.

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