Springtoberfest: Spring Beer Events Find Surprising Success

Move over Oktoberfest – beer’s got a brand new season! Our beer experts at Eventbrite have been tracking growth in the industry and have found a recent surge of spring beer events.

In the past two years the number of Spring events on the Eventbrite platform has grown 218%, from 475 events to just over 1500. Spring events are exploding onto the scene for good reason – an analysis of over 13,000 beer events revealed that on average Spring events sell 18% more tickets and drive 36% more revenue than Fall events.

Spring Beer Events

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What’s spurring the rapid growth of Spring beer events? It turns out that more craft beer events occur in the Spring than any other season. The demand for craft beer has savvy event organizers offering a more diverse array of event options than ever before for beer lovers. These events range from major beer festivals such as the American Craft Brew Fest to more intimate events such as brewery tours, pub crawls, tastings, and more.

Key Takeaway: If you aren’t organizing a Spring beer event you could be missing a huge opportunity. Tap into the trend, craft brew lovers are thirsty for events in the Spring!

Need some ideas for a Spring brew fest? For more insight into the growing popularity of beer events and tips for planning your next event, check out our full craft beer trends report.