Tip Sheet: Using Social Media to Drive Registrations

Using Social Media to Drive RegistrationsSigning up for an endurance event gives your participants a lot to talk about. Their “likes” and “shares” on social networks organically boosts awareness of your event and encourages more people to attend. Therefore, your participants can be the greatest source of promotion for your event. Using social media to drive registrations is easy and effective, with every “share” and “like” translating into real cash for your bottom line. Check out these tips to fan the flames of excitement around your race.

Our free tip sheet, Using Social Media to Drive Registrations, can give you ideas to leverage your participants’ excitement into more registrations. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create updates that keep people engaged with your event
  • Use your registration page as a tool to drive sharing and increase reach
  • Capitalize on real-time registration data to streamline your marketing activities

Get more participants across the registration finish line. Download the tip sheet today.