The Social Media Spark: How to use Facebook and Twitter to fire up your event advertising

shutterstock_100269413You secured a venue. Your schedule is impeccable. The sponsors are set. You’re all ready for your big event, except for one little detail: Where are the attendees?

Chances are, they’re on social media.

In the past few years, social media has evolved into a community where individuals, companies, and brands have meaningful conversations. It’s likely you’ve already joined the conversation, but the key to building an attendee list doesn’t stop there. Social media advertising can be a spark to fire up your event advertising and increase ticket sales.

Download this Eventbrite guide for expert advice on:

  • Choosing the social network that’s best for your event
  • The most relevant ad options for event organizers
  • Best practices to create engaging posts
  • How to tweak your strategy to increase registrations and ticket sales

Social people are on social media. Isn’t it time to build a community that will follow you not only online but offline too?