How to Manage Volunteers for Your Political Events & Fundraisers

Volunteers can be some of your strongest assets when you’re organizing a political event or campaign. You may not be paying volunteers, but their passion and commitment are certainly valuable campaign resources.

Yet enthusiasm doesn’t always translate to effectiveness. Putting a solid volunteer management strategy in place is critical to ensuring that your volunteers are ready to help you run a successful event. The more efficiently you can onboard and train your volunteers, the better the results will be for your campaign or party.

Eventbrite has hands-on experience working with many organizers across a wide range of political events—from campaign fundraisers and rallies to town halls and conventions. We offer the following best practices and ideas to help you implement a volunteer management strategy that will help you create an outstanding experience for your campaign supporters. Download the report and learn how to:

  • Conduct an effective orientation and get volunteers ready to roll the day-of
  • Recruit volunteers early and win their commitment
  • Ensure seamless communication with your volunteers before, during and after the event
  • Match the right person to the right job
  • Stay connected after the event and build their loyalty