4 Benefits of Launching your Event Page Early

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With so many details to address before your event, selling tickets is probably the last thing on your mind. While it may seem crazy to publish your event page when you’re still working out caterers and sponsorships, going live early should actually be at the very top of your to-do list.  After examining thousands of events on our platform, we’ve found that whether you’re hosting a professional conference, festival, or a down-and-dirty obstacle course race, opening up ticket sales sooner rather than later will help you sell out faster, and boost your bottom line.

Starting sales early is a natural driver for event growth: fans create buzz, search engines crawl your website, and you get a better sense of your attendees. In this Eventbrite Planning Guide, we’ve compiled the four biggest advantages of going live early, with tips to help you decide the right date to start selling tickets.

Download the full guide for tips on how to:

  • Optimize your search engine results with SEO
  • Create buzz on Social Media
  • Generate  guaranteed revenue faster
  • Familiarize yourself with your platform & attendees

By downloading this guide, you’ll learn the strategic advantage of front-loading your ticket sales with four simple tips to boost your revenue and improve your planning.