Vance Joy

Folk, World, & Country


James Keogh was born in 1987 in Melbourne, Australia. This singer and songwriter is known by the name Vance Joy and he started doing music while he was a teenager but he wasn’t looking to make a career out of it. He performed at Melbourne open-mic and one of his songs had huge success which made him decide to put aside his law career for which he had a degree.

This is also one of the reasons why he changed his name. He wanted to use his real name in case he went back to pursue a career in law. His first EP called “God Lives You When You’re Dancing” made him an instant success and this earned him an Atlantic Records deal.

He released his first album “Dream Your Life Away” in 2014 for Atlantic and earned a lot of rewards. His second album was released in 2018 titeld “Nation of Two” and his popularity continues to grow around the world. To see him live, get tickets today.