The Gold Magnolias


The Gold Magnolias: Magnolium Aurum: A very rare species of gilded flora native to the U.S. South, but found lately amongst the evergreens and seldom-greens of New York City. Born in a hot house in Brooklyn by the name of Soul II Soul, one particular specimen has blossomed and spread it's funky aroma throughout the entire United States. Ancient Aztec mystics believed the five petals of Magnolium Aurum represented the five pillars of funk. Let's listen to their wisdom. Sweet-Sangin', Guitar-Slangin' songsmith Hudson Mueller and Golden-throated, Gee-wiz Key-wiz Evan Felts lead the pollination effort with their syrupy sweet jams. Ryan "Slickback" Anselmi gets all the bees flockin' to his stamen with his siren sax call. The petals at the the bottom are reserved for the funky foundation of Bass-man Daniel Foose and drummer Jeff "Double-Clutch" Barton. For the past five years this union of southern soul soldiers has wafted their funky fragrance to audiences across the world with such hits as "Southern Man" and "Dirty French Fry". They are now releasing their sophomore album, "Sail on Glam Dog" with more fun, provocative and above all, funky tunes for your enjoyment. Like all good flora, The Gold Magnolias draw their unique character from their roots. Growing up in Austin, TX, Hudson Mueller and Daniel Foose were exposed to the great Texas Blues tradition from an early age. Evan Felts, the son of a musician, grew up in north Louisiana, soaking up all of the blues, country and voodoo vibe of that area. Ryan Anselmi comes from Kansas City which gave birth to jump blues, swing jazz, and big band. Jeff Barton grew up in a family where he was baptized in the jammy waters of the Allman Brothers, The Grateful Dead and Dave Mathews Band. These influences all inform the loose funky feel that characterizes The Gold Magnolias. Come walk the Brooklyn streets with this classy group of Southern hustlers. Then sit back and enjoy the vibe as booties begin to shake and parties commence to popping off.