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The Blind Spots is an Ithaca, New York-based band. As one of the few successful rock bands fronted by a woman, The Blind Spots have definitely left their mark on the rock scene in the US.

Their fans are particularly fond of Maddy Walsh’s vocal capabilities, which appear to improve with each performance and recording. The band is still very popular. As proof, we have the fact that The Blind Spots tickets being sold out for their ten-year brand anniversary concert at Ithaca, New York’s Hangar Theatre.

The band used this opportunity to promote their 4th studio album “Talk”. Their performance at the Hangar Theatre was remarkable. The energy, beautiful music and unique songwriting made the crowds enjoy themselves.

Their electrifying live performance has helped them generate a loyal fan base. The band’s success is becoming a nationwide phenomenon as their touring radius expands to cover the entire US. Get tickets for their show today.