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Supersillyus is an electronic musician and producer based in Brooklyn, NY. His first full length release, Grampaspaceshuttle, tickled the ears of the electronic community and earned him a spot on LostinSound.orgs Top 5 Newcomer Albums of 2010. He has spent over a year meticulously crafting his second record Tesselations, which was released through Base Trip Records. With this epic double album, Supersillyus allows listeners to explore highly evolved and extensively layered soundscapes, while shaking their asses to a tasty mix of tribal drums, swirling synths, and the occasional marimba solo. Tesselations will take the listener on a journey past boundaries of IDM, world beat, and dub, making use of traditions as old as Sanskrit chants or a childs Saxaboom. Supersillyus is quickly emerging as a pioneer of psychedelic genre-bending, and his whimsical sound offers a unique look inside the mind of a musical wizard.