Stereo Jane

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The word “Motown” recalls a different age in the recording industry’s musical history, but that’s ready to change as Motor City’s musical culture is well on its way to revival. There’s no better example of a comeback for the Detroit area than the energetic talent and soul of twin Detroit natives Sydney and Mia Schmier of the pop-rock band “Stereo Jane.” These unassuming fraternal twin sisters have been playing music together since they were eight years old. Since then, their band as well as their sound has matured from a father and daughter trio to a five-piece band consisting of Sydney’s adaptable and soulful vocals, Mia’s rhythmically hypnotic drums, the versatile bass guitar skills of Randy Martin, the skilled guitar work of School of Rock graduate and star Joey Gaydos Jr, as well as gifted local keyboardist Andrew Schahinger coming together soulfully to fuse retro pop melodies with a classic, timeless rock and roll sound.