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Critics say that Squeze is one of the best new wave British pop bands. Many say that the band has to thank Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford’s great songwriting skills for this.

The Squeeze’s story begins in the 1974s when Chris Difford - guitar, vocals, lyrics, and Glenn Tilbrook - vocals, guitar, music, joined forces and started making music. After changing several band names, Glenn and Chris settled with Squeeze inspired by the Velvet Underground album Squeeze.

They debuted with the self-titled album in 1978. Over the course of next 30 years, the band released 16 albums, the latest one “The Knowledge” came out in 2017.

Squeeze became immensely popular on the island but their fame expanded worldwide. The Squeeze tickets got sold out wherever the band decided to tour. Their fans remember them by the hit songs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, including "Labelled with Love", “Cool for Cats”, “Slap and Tickle” and many others. Get your tickets today.