What do you get when you mix a classic hard rock sound with alt-pop and coat it in metal? You get Sponge, a band coming from Detroit’s fruitful hard rock and metal scene. The band was formed in 1992 and grew heavily on the influences of the post-grunge era of the mid-90s.

Sponge was formed when the band Loudhouse broke up, with most of the members regrouping under this new name. With the addition of two new members, Sponge came to life. With a bit of adaptation, and with a more modern and fresh sound, Sponge scored a record deal with Columbia. Their debut studio album Rotting Pinata was issued in 1994.

The band struggled with their second album after which they were dropped from Columbia. They signed with the Beyond label and started recording soon. Even after having troubles with the lineup, the band survived and continued making music on their own terms. With eight full-length efforts under their belt, you can really say they made it big.

Numerous acts tried to be like Sponge, but no one makes music quite like these guys. Browse for tickets today and see a true rock spectacle live.