Sophie Xeon was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1986. This pop singer and producer is known by her stage name, Sophie, and she is currently based in Los Angeles. Her unique ability to combine avant-garde music with mainstream pop is something that only a few artists were able to do. She first made her name throughout the 2010s by releasing several successful singles.

Her music is characterized by sophisticated, dance productions, and high-pitched vocals, with beats coming from the underground garage and hip-hop scene. The samples in her music are made by waveforms which create intriguing noises that add a surrealist feeling to the whole music experience.

Her approach to music put her on the radar of many famous artists who wanted to give their own music a special edge. Sophie collaborated with Nicki Minaj, Vince Staples, and Charli XCX, and in 2018, she released her debut full-length titled “Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides”, which was very experimental but yet, very successful. Get your ticket today and hear Sophie’s amazing performance for yourself.