Julian Scanlan (born May 1, 1997), known professionally as Slushii, is an American musician, DJ, singer, songwriter and record producer based in Los Angeles. He is best known for working with various artists managed by Moe Shalizi, such as Marshmello, Ookay and Jauz, and for gaining support from notable musician and Owsla-record label founder Skrillex. Scanlan grew up in Mount Laurel and graduated from Lenape High School in Burlington County, New Jersey. He worked at Best Buy as a customer attendant in New Jersey until the loss of his cloud-based music and followers led him to start down a new path. Scanlan was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, which he says interfered with his ability to make friends and read social cues. As a result, he was bullied in middle school. He began his musical career by joining psychedelic power-pop band Deuteronomy for three years until 2012, releasing one album, Propaganda. He was a part of the musical duo "Monsters With Tiny Mustaches" alongside his partner MHKAZ. He became involved with dance music in 2013, using "DJ Swoon" as an alias. One of his SoundCloud posts as DJ Swoon was taken down due to Soundcloud's automatic copyright system, having his account permanently deleted. Shortly after the take down of his previous alias, Scanlan decided to start a new musical project, dedicated to his more light hearted and future bass sound, releasing his remix of Zedd and Selena Gomez's "I Want You To Know", which was his first official project under the stage name "Slushii".