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Shopping is a post-punk band formed in London. It consists of three members: guitarist and vocalist Rachel Aggs, bassist Billy Easter, and drummer and vocalist Andrew Milk.

Before forming Shopping, the trio had another band named Covergirl. During their tour across Europe in the new formation, Shopping had a chance to hone their skills, so they greatly empowered their style, which you can hear in singles such as In Other Words.

Shopping’s first album, Consumer Complaints (2013), was released under Mïlk Records, which is Milk and Easter’s record label. Two years later, the band’s second studio album, Why Choose (2015), was released via FatCat Records, which also re-released their first album.

Not long after, the band was left without a rehearsal space, and one of their members, Andrew Milk, moved to Glasgow. Shopping then relocated to Glasgow and started working with Edwyn Collins on their third album.

Shopping released its third studio album, The Official Body, in early 2018, also via FatCat Records.