SayWeCanFly is a solo acoustic act from Lindsay, Ontario. He started performing in 2009, and beginning in 2010, he released 5 consecutive EPs over the span of 3 years, notable releases including the "Dandelion Necklace" and "Heaven is Hell" EPs. In 2015, he would release his first full-length album, "Between the Roses", through his own label, PureWolf Records. In that same year, he signed a license agreement under Epitaph Records, and on October 23rd, he released his EP "Darling"; his first label release. Over a year later, he would release his second album, "Blessed Are Those", which would be his second and final release under license to Epitaph Records. After parting ways with Epitaph, he began work on two new albums as an independent artist; one of which is to be released under his real name. "Beautiful Mess" is set to release in October 2018, and will be his third full-length album.