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Sanction is a hardcore band from Long Island, USA, currently signed to Reconsider Records. The five angsty musicians have been together since before 2005 and boast an army of loyal fans among the admirers of heavy metal music. Even though they don’t like labeling their sound, guys from Sanction usually declare themselves as a deathcore band.

The band’s debut album Urban Values was released back in 2005 with So Frank to stellar reviews. For the first part of their career, Sanction remained an underground group familiar mostly to the followers of the local hardcore scene in Long Island. The band established a strong presence there with their sophomore Vicious Truths & Precious Lies in 2006.

After a decade-long break, Sanction returned stronger than ever in 2017 with their third album titled The Infringement of God’s Plan. Initially influenced by late 90s and early 2000s metalcore bands, they’ve used their time off to develop a more mature and darker sound. If you like your music raw and unapologetic, book your Sanction tickets today.