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Quicksand is an American post-hardcore/emo/alternative band from New York City, New York. They are well known for their love of live shows and extensive touring and collaborations with bands such as Glassjaw, Gorilla Biscuits, Deftones and others.

They were formed in 1990 and consist of four members; Walter Schreifels, Tom Capone, Alan Cage, and Sergio Vega.

Quicksand follows a simple post-hardcore style often compared to bands such as Helmet. A hard sound followed by a more calm singing style defines the tune of Quicksand and has been their staple since their first mainstream release.

They have had several breakups, but never changed the lineup. They got back together for the last time in 2012 and remained active in their live performances and studio recordings ever since. Their latest release “interiors” has reached the 142nd spot on Billboard’s top 200 charts and has garnered the band the most important mainstream success to date. Don’t forget to check if they’re playing near you and get your ticket today!