Palm is an experimental-rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Formed in New York in 2012 by four friends from Bard college, Palm immediately stood out with its unique and alluring sound.

The band consists of Eve Alpert and Kasra Kurt, both vocalists, guitarists, and songwriters, bassist Gerasimos Livitsanos, and drummer Hugo Stanley.

Palm is known for experimenting with math rock, which is an indie-rock subgenre with deep roots in post-hardcore and progressive rock. Their music is pretty unconventional, and each song is very complex, mysterious at times, and very attention-grabbing.

The New York Times reported that Palm is “one of the most ambitious and promising acts in today’s art-rock scene”, which is definitely not far from the truth. The Times praised the band some more by reporting that their music is "teeming with unorthodox time signatures, unexpected bursts of guitar noise, and other trapdoors and tricks."

If you take a listen to any of their outstanding tracks, you’re certain to come to the same conclusion. Palm is quickly taking the world by storm, so be sure to jump on their bandwagon and join the exciting ride. If you ever have a chance to hear Palm live, don’t hesitate. You’ll be blown away. Get tickets today.