Nervous Curtains

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Hailing from Dallas, TX, Nervous Curtains has been sharpening its post-punk synth rock since 2008. Consisting of Sean Kirkpatrick (vocals, keyboards), Ian Hamilton (keyboards) and Robert Anderson (drums), the band released Out of Sync with Time on Milwaukee's Latest Flame Records in 2010. 2012s Fake Infinity dialed down the piano that defined much of its early material in favor of an expansive sonic attack of black space organ and jagged synthesizers. The band spent the subsequent two years supporting its second album, playing hundreds of shows, large and small. Nervous Curtains kept a low profile throughout the majority of 2014 while recording and producing its third album, Con, and other still-forthcoming releases. In the meantime, Kirkpatrick played synthesizer and piano on Swans To Be Kind. Con is the trio's most raw and confident album to date. The album plays up the rhythmic tension between pulsing synthesizers and live drums while merging these elements into a blast of defiant energy and enduring tunes. With this album, Nervous Curtains has created a space in which paranoia is a cultural commodity amidst a battleground of convictions and contradictions The band again worked with seasoned engineer Matthew Barnhart as well as This Will Destroy Yous Alex Bhore and received some co-production perspective and guest vocal assistance from Pinkish Blacks Daron Beck.