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My Education is an American instrumental post-rock band from Austin, TX, formed in 1999. They create cinematic and psychedelic compositions blending intense droning guitars with melodic viola. The core of the band is two guitars, bass, drums, and viola, although they do play with violins, keys and vibes at times. They are currently on Strange Attractors Audio House, a label based in Portland OR who released the band's latest LP Sunrise in April 2010. Actual members : Brian Purington - Guitar, Organ Chris Hackstie - Guitar, Pedal Steel James Alexander (3) - Viola, Percussion Vincent Durcan - drums Scott Telles - Bass with Henna Chou - Cello, Keyboards Sarah Norris (2) - Vibraphone Former members : Christopher Stelly - Drums Sean Seagler - Drums Eric Gibbons - Bass Travis Weller - Violin Ryan Nelson - Drums Kirk Laktas - Piano, Organs, Accordion