Moving Units


Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Moving Units is an American band that mixes dance and punk music with elements of post-punk revival and indie rock. With a very unique sound of their own, Moving Units has been shaking the world of music since 2001.

In 2002, they introduced themselves to the world with a debut self-titled EP which was an instant success. After a couple of tours with the likes of Nine Inch Nails Blur, Pixies, and Hot Hot Heat, Moving Units managed to establish their fan base and get critical acclaims and positive reviews.

It was their full-length debut album, Dangerous Dreams, that really rose them to fame. With five LPs, two EPs, and two singles, Moving Units managed to leave their mark on the scene, despite having problems with former members and lineup changes. The band had a mild dispute with a former member for performing under the name Moving Units but they managed to settle it quietly and with no big drama.

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