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While most people think that post-rock is something of a modern music genre that emerged in the last 15 years or so, they are greatly mistaken and Mogwai is the best proof. This post-rock band formed in 1995 and they come from Glasgow, Scotland. Their interpretation of post-rock is a combination of space rock and instrumentals as the band rarely uses vocals in their music.

They typically compose lengthy songs based on heavy use of various effects and distortion, melodic bass guitar lines, dynamic and interesting drum beats that launch the listener in the stratosphere and take their minds on a long journey through outer space.

The band was lucky to sign a huge record deal with popular record label Chemikal Underground and this helped Mogwai distribute their music all over the world. That's also how different labels found out about this amazing band.

Record labels like Temporary Residence in North America, Rock Action Records and Play It Again Sam in the UK, as well as Matador in the United States, did a fine job of spreading Mogwai's music all over their countries.

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