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Matthew Paul Miller, better known professionally by his stage name Matisyahu, is a Jewish singer, rapper, activist, and actor from the United States. This vocalist and beatboxer, interested in reggae, alternative hip hop, alternative rock, and reggae fusion started his career back in 2000.

His unique style, achieved by combing traditional reggae with Orthodox Jewish themes, immediately helped him to get an audience around America and wider. Matisyahu released six studio albums, including his debut release Shake Off the Dust... Arise from 2004, and the freshest Undercurrent from 2017.

If you'd like to hear a unique sound of reggae in combination with Jewish rock and hip hop, Matisyahu, with his touring support - the drummer Joe Tomino, guitarists Aaron Dugan and D.P. Holmes, bassist Stu Brooks, and keyboard player Big Yuki make sure to visit one of Matisyahu's following performances. His shows are energetic and filled with lots of positive vibes!

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