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Malcolm Jamal Davis, better known as MadeinTYO, was born in 1992 in Hawaii. He took up the name MadeinTYO when it was time to have his first live performance. This was in honor of the time he spent in Tokyo as a teenager, which was due to the fact that his family moved around often.

MadeinTYO started out thanks to his brother, 24hrs, who was also a rapper and a producer. MadeinTYO took notes and learned from his brother and finally had a breakthrough in 2016. His single Uber Everywhere vent viral and attracted much attention. This lead to MadeinTYO signing his first contract.

After two platinum hits, it was time for a studio album. In 2018, a debut album was released. The album, Sincerely, Tokyo, featured cameos from artists like A$AP Ferg, Blood Orange, and others. It was his first full-length masterpiece, and surely one of many to come. Anyone can be a witness to what is to be a fruitful career, and if you want a front row, book tickets for his show today.