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Louis the Child is a two-person DJ performance duo from Chicago, Illinois. Formed in 2013 by Robert David and Frederic Kennett, both of them have dabbled in electronic music before in their career.

Robert David has started his music career as a college DJ, primarily playing and mixing mashups for frat parties, and after local support and moderate success, he decided to pursue his music career.

Frederic Kennett, on the other hand, had set his sights on music production, which had been a hobby of his since his high school days. They attended the same high school but they first became friends at a Madeon concert, which they both list as a big personal inspiration.

The band exploded with their hit single “It’s Strange” that garnered them praise from numerous critics and colleagues, such as popular pop musician Taylor Swift. After the release of their single, they have been on a steady route of releasing numerous Singles and EP’s in the spirit of the DJ profession. They have stayed true to their roots, releasing remixes and mashups to this day.

They are currently on tour, and you can grab the tickets today.