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Lords Of Acid is a popular electronic music group. The leader of the group is Praga Khan whos real name is Maurice Joseph Francois Engelen. This famous Belgian musician is one of the few who created the beat/acid house/hardcore electronic music scene in Belgia.

Beside Praga Khan, there are two more Lords of Acid, Oliver Adams and Jade 4U. The group started off in the late 80s. Lords of Acid debuted with the single “I Sit on Acid” in 1988. Their debut album “Lust” got released in 1991. Lords of Acid generated attention really fast as a lot of their songs featured sexual sound samples and lyrics.

Lords of Acid experimented with sound a lot. On their second album, “Voodoo-U”, they played with industrial sounds. After the group became famous, Lords of Acid tickets became some of the most wanted items, but quite often, they could not be found by that name. Why? Because the group performed under many pseudonyms, including 101, Digital Orgasm, and Channel X.