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American country music songwriter and singer Justin Cole Moore started his musical career somewhere around 2008. He first signed to Big Machine Records, which is a popular country music imprint for Valory Music Group.

He released five studio albums under his record label, including his 2009 debut, full-length studio album. Justin is deeply rooted in country music, but he loves to experiment with different genres such as rock, pop, soul, blues, and funk, bringing a unique sound to the table.

He plays an acoustic and electric guitar on his shows and his performances are quite lively, warm, energetic and thrilling, putting a lot of smiles on the faces of all those who are in the crowd.

Justin has charted on the Hot Country Songs eleven times and his singles are among the highest and top-rated country music singles in the genre. He won three awards and was nominated for one. According to his fans, his music is best described as country rock.