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The Joe Marcinek Band is a Joe Marcinek project, started back in 2011 when he, together with Pete Koopmans, started to record his debut album.

Joe Marcinek Band is an American jazz and rock band which creates music that is a combination of New Orleans Funk, Chicago Blues, Grateful Dead Psychedelia, and Jazz Fusion! Besides Joe Marcinek, members of Joe Marcinek Band at live performances are Wil Blades on keyboards, the drummer Terence Higgins, bass guitarist Nate Edgar, and sax player Rob Dixon.

If you're a lover of the jazz and rock combination, you mustn't miss one of Joe Marcinek Band's following shows. Their live performances are totally different. Each show features a unique lineup, which is incredibly awesome! If you want to experience the perfect combination of mixed genres, book your ticket today!

The Joe Marcinek Band always brings lots of positive vibes! You will have a blast and you definitely won't regret it.