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It was late summer 2014 when JODY decided to turn in a new direction with his music. Formerly know as Jody Meyer, Jody San and his real name Jody Koenders, but nowadays he just wants to be called JODY. His former passion and job as a professional snowboarder took him al around the globe, competing in the bests halfpipes against the world greatest athletes. But after a serious snowboarding accident, he decided tot put more energy in his other passion; music. His first new baby ‘feelings’ got signed on Spinnin Records as the #1 track that came out their talent pool. It was quickly noticed by international dance blogs and sites like Dancing Astronaut . His sound, which he self describes as “Super House” has become a mix between House, Tech House and Techno, a unique sound with a definite party warranty and emphasis in the finer detail. WHOISJODY is the real question, first listen to his music and meet his entourage... Fully dedicated to music, DJ Jody Koenders is determined to continue his story by putting all pieces together. He grew up in a music-minded family and he easily developed his passion for all kinds of music. Jody never fears a challenge and he aims for building out his musical career. He already produced some mind-blowing tracks, his skills are known to be charismatic and his appearances at events never go by unnoticed. It’s clear that Jody Koenders offers all ingredients to make and shake it! Jody Koenders: the Beginning Born on the 25th of May 1979, Jody Koenders was raised with music as an important value. Starting out as a young drummer of only 7 years old, he soon traded these pair of drums in for his own deejay-decks. Playing Techno, Minimal, Electro and House, Jody used these influences to develop his very own style. He soon received his first gig at Val Thorens in France and – to keep a long story short – it just couldn’t be more clear: a new deejay was born… Jody Koenders: the Music & Gigs Refreshing house-tunes, mixed with uplifting and powerful beats. The sound of Jody Koenders is best described as energetic and his set has already been overwhelmingly and unanimously applauded at many venues. As well as being a DJ, his production career is in the making and he has been spending a lot of time in the studio - so watch out for forthcoming productions! In 2001, Jody Koenders was noticed by ID&T and they invited him to perform at many large events, such as Mysteryland (Dirty Dutch stage), Indian Summer Festival (Blacklist stage), Sensation, Convertible and Fame=DJ’s. This opportunity turned out to be successful and Jody soon performed at many venues, together with David Guetta, Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo – just to mention a few… Jody Koenders: the Show goes on The story has no ending. Knowing just how to make the crowd go wild and never thinking that there’s a mountain too high, it’s obvious that Jody Koenders is unstoppable when it comes to achieving his goals. So make sure to be blown away by his energetic performance- and producing-skills! Check for more info.