Indighost is a psychedelic rock band from the Appalachian Highlands area. The band is known for their stunning live visuals, dirty guitar tones, catchy melodies, and vocally driven concert experience. Indighost is electric-fuzz-magic; with heavy grooves and cosmic riffs conjured from the ether like a strange wind uncovering the spires of a forgotten temple. Founded in 2015 by Dan Fehr & Cody Gilmer, the band quickly took off; influenced by such acts as QOTSA, The Dead Weather, and Black Angles. In the spring of 2015 the band added vocalist Randi Denton and bassist Quentin Garrett to the mix, soon followed by drummer Taylor Cogdill that summer. The band has a strong DIY attitude towards writing and releasing their music - focusing on limited releases. Their first hand-made release Treeline EP was recorded and mixed at Dan’s studio in Bristol, Tennessee, Rich Tone Recordings and was self-released on Friday, November 13th, 2015. The song Waterstone off Treeline EP was given praise for it’s expert execution and flavor, including a “10-of-10” review by Diamond Deposits music blog. London-based Way Out Radio said of the song was , “brilliant.” after playing on-air in April 2016. Soon after formation, Indighost began touring the Southeast United States playing shows across the dotted mountainous landscape and returned to the studio in May to complete a full-length release. The album, Hierophant was self-released on August 1st, 2016.The album was featured in Dutch & European Stoner Rock's top 35 albums of 2016 alongside bands such as Asteroid, 1000mods, Elephant Tree, & Youngblood Supercult. From the review on Desert Psychlist, "Hierophant is an eclectic mix of stoner fuzz, heady psych and soulful hard rock all crammed into eleven tracks of totally essential and diverse music."