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Helado Negro is the music and performance alias of Roberto Carlos Lange. A project circling Sun Ra type cosmic poetry, using abstract ideas embedded with political messages to all good humans of the earth. The compositions are made in the contemporary sense with computers, voice and field recordings. Performance wise he acts like a electrified Abner Jay, being a one man band, shouting, moving and setting up his surreal performance with his Tinsel Mammals and slow orbit sways. The music is sung in english and spanish, a product of his upbringing in South Florida and embedded with his parents Ecuadorian culture of boleros, baladas and carribean dance music. The music is the wind down and possibly the wind up, the in between before the realization of what will happen. His album Private Energy 2016, was given an 8.1 on Pitchfork and his song “Its My Brown Skin” was honored as “best New Track”.