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Hanggai (also informally known as Hanggai Band or 杭盖乐队) are a Chinese folk music group from Beijing, formed on the ashes of folk-punk band T9, who specialize in a blend of Mongolian folk music and more modern styles such as punk rock. All the members of the band are either Mongolian, of Mongolian descent or ethnic Han musicians that specialise in Mongolian music & instruments. The term “Hanggai” itself is a Mongolian word referring to an idealized natural landscape of sprawling grasslands, mountains, rivers, trees, and blue skies. The band was created when leader Ilchi, captivated by the sound of throat singing and wanting to rediscover his ethnic heritage, travelled to Inner Mongolia to learn the art. It was there that he met fellow band members Hugejiltu and Bagen All the songs are adaptations of Mongolian folk songs and are sung in Mongolian incorporating throat singing, a Mongolian technique in which the singer emits two different pitches at the same time from the one throat.