Haiku Hands


HAIKU HANDS are a new collective that have exploded into the music scene with a new single. The group has been around in the worlds of visual art and live performance, but now their frantic energy has been put into a banging track. Claire Nakazawa and Beatrice Lewis are the key forces behind Haiku Hands, with experiences working as vocalists for Urthboy, Mark Pritchard, Lapalux and Hermitude between them. From the start this tune is solid, with a compressed bassline repeating under the rapping. The confident delivery of tongue in cheek rhymes is chanted by two strong voices, shamelessly doing it for themselves. As the track gains traction, more and more elements are added, a 4 to the floor beat and contrasting hats, and a synth pad mirroring the bass. All together these pieces create a feel good earworm that's bound to get dance floors pumping. The dance rap style delivery is reminiscent of Le Tigre, with real messages dispersed among seemingly non-sensical lyrics. Packed full of fun rhymes and catchy phrases, Haiku Hands touch on themes of self empowerment and living for the day. The two voices rapping together make this track a fun romp and challenges the listener to learn the words and deliver them with just as much power. This debut track from Haiku Hands is just the beginning, as more juicy tracks are in the pipeline made with the help of some of Australia's production elite. With names like Joelistics, El Gusto of Hermitude, Lewis Can Cut and Jaytee Hazard in the mix you know what Haiku Hands is going to bring next will be just as large as 'Not About You.'