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Habibi is an all-girl band hailing from Brooklyn. Their unique punkish turn on garage rock is easily recognizable and it has definitely helped the band become famous in the US.

Habibi came together in 2011 and was formed by Lenaya Lynch and Rahill Jamalifard. The final lineup included Jamailfard, lead vocals, Lynch, guitar and vocals, Erin Campbell, bass, and Karen Isabel, drums.

The band started working on its portfolio focusing on local gigs. The crowd's interest in Habibi tickets forced the band to think about publishing. The result - Habibi released 7 singles on online music streaming platforms.

At this point, Habibi was still too far away from focusing on studio recordings. The band continued touring. Habibi performed on numerous festivals, including the South by Southwest festival.

Finally, in 2013 the girls came together, signed a deal with the Burger Records label, and released a self-titled album. The latest we heard from them was in 2018 when they released a four-track EP “Cardamom Garden”. To see them live, browse for tickets today.