Guy Forsyth

Funk & Soul
Folk, World, & Country


Austin, Texas-based musician, singer, storyteller, and songwriter. Blues made him want to play. Forsyths first works were electric, raw blues that held nothing back. When he showed up in Austin, he had with him a bandolier of Harmonicas and a carnival barkers voice that could cut through the noise of the busiest night on Sixth street. In 1999 Forsyth & Artie Gold recorded their recorded first Blues album,”Scalpel & Sledgehammer” on cassette tape. “It was recorded at Erik Blakleys home studio (for $8 an hour), where Artie produced, recorded and paid for it all himself,” said Forsyth. “We sold it at gigs, took some to the Antones record shop, there might be a couple still there. I was the Sledgehammer.”